Monday, April 14, 2014

Old Mario themed non-real Mario cartoons from the 80's

As I've stated before in a previous post HERE, the old Mario cartoons from the 80's are simply ridiculous!! I'm so glad they got Charles Martinet to do the voice of Mario in all the modern games over the voices of these shows!! If they hadn't, I may not be the big Mario fan I am today. All the koopalings names were changed for the SMB 3 show, the theme for the Super Mario Bros super show was lame, they messed up Bowser and always only called him King Koopa. His full name is: Bowser, King of the Koopa's!!
Unbelievable how dorky and idiotic this was. If this came on TV today, millions of Super Mario fan's mouths would hang open then they'd either flip the channel or throw their TV's out the window. LOL...
Yoshi sounds like a Baby in the SM World cartoon... And LUIGI was the one to find him in the show, Luigi wasn't even the one to discover Dinosaur Island in the Super Mario series.  Mario was the first person to discover Yoshi and his strange species of dinosaur, Not Luigi... Sorry to anyone who favors Luigi either because they believe that he doesn't ever get enough credit (Not true BTW) or that he deserves more than one year of recognition. Mario only got one month and he's been doing this for longer than just one year.

Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade