Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Sonic cartoons and NEW too.

Old Sonic cartoons and NEW too.


Probably one of the dorkiest things ever on TV was Sonic. 

Sonic had pretty schweet games, but his cartoons only got worse and worse. It wasn't until Sonic X that it seemed that Sonic would have glimmer of hope in the TV industry. And of course that flopped too. Very Quickly too. I know how I've recently blabbed on and on about 80's Mario cartoons and how horrible they were and my Rant vid on the mega Mario mix cartoon, but in my defense they are all horrible cartoons in comparison to the modern games. In their defense, they made them when they knew less than enough to make cartoons about the games

If they made them now with all the stuff we know now...
then it would be perfect! But they'd have to make it accurate. I don't believe that's what they're doing with the Sonic Boom cartoon. Not only have the majority of the characters had a huge revamp in design and style, but the very cartoon itself is dorky! Why all the bandages and the smaller feet and giant Hulk-Knuckles!? Why!? Honestly all the old gaming cartoons messed up in my opinion. I think they need to try and revamp them. But not the way their starting to.

They need to make less inconsistencies with the games in comparison to the shows. Now if their making Sonic Boom a game and cartoon, their doing it right. Except now all the previous Sonic games meant nothing because all of those games had the original character designs in em', Not to mention: the Mario & sonic games had the original Character designs in em' too! It seems to me that their just burying themselves in a pile of failure. 

Although I'm sure just as I'm interested to see what the new show and game are like, many other gamers share that same feeling... As long as they never make another Sonic underground cartoon I may not have a heart attack. =D

Let's be honest here... All the original Sonic toons stunk like the Mario one's and they need to think a little bit more before making some new one's... I've already come up with a short series called: "Super Mario! Adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom!" And I'd be happy if it was turned into something too. But Who's to say that's ever gonna' happen? =)

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