Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nothings impossible in...

I've experienced many glitches in video games. But in Batman Arkham games, I've experienced  the most glitches.
Glitches are things in games that shouldn't have been there or shouldn't have happened.
In Batman Arkham games for WiiU however Glitches happen frequently. 
In fact I've probably found more glitches in Batman Arkham games than any other. I once stood in front of a thug for 3 minutes without him attacking me, and then climbed up on an invisible vehicle and basically floated in mid air. I once got guys to start shooting at nothing & found a living gun. I've found a couple floating thugs all over the game map (just as the picture above shows). So in conclusion, I've created the phrase
"Nothings impossible in a Batman videogame!!"

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