Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My system so far.,

I can't even begin to count all the Mario items in my collection... But I can tell you a bit about my system... The pic on the top right is what I call my Mega Mario shelf because I put it up for both

 of those giant plush Mario's. The bottom right pic, shows all my main Mario shelve's and the bottom left shows you the bottom 2 shelves. The shelf on top in that pic is mainly for little things like food items. The bottom is mainly for figurines and
small items. The top shelf of the Main shelf 
(Bottom Right pic shows it) Is for highly collectible items
and bigger items. The top left pic shows the top of my desk
which is what I call my Random Mario area.
Although I do have some basic Mario items all over my room,
and I keep all the stuff that can't fit anymore in a large drawer.
Not hoarding... It's collecting =D
All for now,