Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My DS Lite -Sad and funny story

The sad tale of a DS Lite

OK so one time I was told I should give my old DS Lite to my five year old sister for Christmas... BAD IDEA! I was forced to put Barbie stickers all over it's wonderful black color! Augh... I did get a DSi out of the deal, but I wish I didn't have to give up the only DS I had that played my GBA games. Anyhoo, I gave her my newly girl-ized DS Lite to my baby sister for Christmas. It was horrible!! She just saw it and put it aside to open her next gift!!! And Then 3 months after Christmas I found a small plastic school box filled with something. I opened it to find a melted blue Popsicle and a black DS Lite. My heart was heavy and sad, my DS Lite had gone through soooo much in the little time it was still alive. Now it was sopping with sticky liquid and would not turn back on completely. It would never work again... And Now I find it very hard to trust either of my two sisters with any form of Tech, especially my Nintendo consoles & handhelds. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sad, really. I miss it. 

Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade