Monday, April 21, 2014

Mario Mario

There's a bit of talk going around right now about Mario's last name!
And it's not: Mario Mario, BTW! Mario has been in almost every career possible... But one stands to prove once again that Mario's name is : Mario Mario, it's title is DR.Mario! Most Doctors have their last name after their title: Doctor. but the point is that DR.Mario is not Mario's Title, it's the title of the game.
This here should clear a few things up, My opinion:

AR-Cade: "Mario's Last name is not made known as of yet. But I believe it will be soon. Although I can personally guarantee that it's not: Mario. Calling Mario : Mario Mario, Would be horrible. And I don't believe Nintendo has a last name for him right now. But he's not: Mario Mario."

The phone rings loudly …
Mario-"Hello!! It's a' me!! Mario!! What can I a' do for you?"
Customer-"Yeah, This is Mario bros. Tech support? So how come your last name's your First name?? Mario, Mario?"
Mario-"My last name's not a' Mario!!!!!! Dat' was just a' nickname we a' got back in de' third grade, SHEESH!"

AR-Cade: "I also do not believe that the SMB super show is really apart of Super Mario in any way. It's too inacurate to be close to the games in any way. But that's only my personal opinion."

Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade