Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mario Golf World Tour and Mario Golf original GBC game.

Mario Golf World Tour

World Tour
Mario Golf has been around for a long time! And I gotta' say...
Mario Golf for GBcolor is allot of fun to play! I even beat it on virtual console for the 3DS... And now there's another Mario golf game for 3DS with awesome graphics, awesome courses, Awesome characters and Awesomtacular everything else!!
The game's not out yet, it looks Fantabulous!! If it's even half as good as Mario power tennis looks, then I can't wait to own it!! And I will... Someday. =D
BTW: Did U notice any similarities in the pics above? Mainly with Mario's position? LOL, Right? I-Know!!!
Anyhoo, It looks totally Fantasterrific!!!! Is it not obvious that I like Mario yet? =D
LINK:   Mario Golf World Tour!! (Coming soon)
All for now-Game ON Gamers!, AR-Cade