Friday, April 11, 2014

LOL, Mario Golf Toadstool tour & Mario Kart Double Dash for GC (Game Cube)

Like literally the day of my Mario Golf post (HERE), I got Mario Golf Toadstool Tour and Mario Kart double Dash from Goodwill, in working condition for 1.99 a piece where they would be around 10 dollars or more through eBay!! Schweet!!! I also found it a bit ironic that in that post I wrote about Mario Golf World Tour for the 3DS and the game I got was on: the Toadstool tour!! Ha, Go Figure! Anyhoo, Mario Kart Double dash introduced a new gameplay style, where one person drove while your buddy helped out in back, kinda funny cause it has a ton of power ups in it that I thought didn't even come out til' the Wii game. Guess Nintendo proved me wrong again on whats possible. Now I have an original Wii as well as a WiiU, it can play GC games but only with an original or new GC remote... I do not have one yet. So I plan on getting an original Game Cube with two remotes and then buying Super Mario Sunshine. I wasn't going to for a while but now with these games, I have the perfect excuse to. I have games I can't play without it. So I bet I'll be getting one within this year. I may even post a vid about them on here when I do.

 OH, Did I mention I'll be posting vids on here now too? Well I will be...

Game On Gamers! 
All for now, AR-Cade