Monday, April 14, 2014

Games that Should be made!!

1).Super Mario Galaxy for 3DS!
I've been practically begging that Nintendo would put a Mario Galaxy game on the 3DS in 3D!! How awesomtacular would it be if Mario could actually fly out of the screen!!?
2.)Super Mario Sunshine and Sunshine 2 for WiiU
Modernizing the original for the gamepad controls and then making a sequel with HD graphics would be Rocktacular! And Put them both on the WiiU!!
3.)Super Mario Galaxy 3 for WiiU! The WiiU can play Wii games so technically the first two games are already on the WiiU, This would be the finale game in the series, completely aside from the 3DS adventure where Flying would be the main way U operate the game, this game U can ride Yoshi, fight for the first time in real hand to hand combat Mario style and more.
4.)And finally, Super Robo Mario!!!
A robotic version where Mario's in another dimension
and gets upgrades and becomes
 a living robot for a short amount of time. Need I say more? NO.

                             Game On Gamers!
                                                                                           All for now, AR-Cade