Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gamer Tech support

Customer-"Hello!? Yeah, my NES has been driving me crazy, this thing won't turn on!!"

Bowser-"Why should I care about your problems! Oh and thanks for all the coins I just stole from your account. Your welcome, it was my pleasure to help you, NOT!!"

The phone rings loudly
Mario-"Hello!! It's a' me!! Mario!! What can I a' do for you?"
Customer-"Yeah, This is Mario bros. Tech support? So how come your last name's your First name?? Mario, Mario?"
Mario-"My last name's not a' Mario!!!!!!                                                                                                                                dat' was just a' nickname we a' got back in de' third grade, SHEESH!"

            Customer-"Hello, I've been having a really hard time with my PC and…"
Donkey Kong-"Arghh groo haw heee haw!!!!offggggk groob."
Customer-"Hello!? Hello!!?? Did you just hang up on me!!? What language was that!? Gorilla, APE? Hello??? Are you still there!? HELLO!?"


Customer-"Hello? My XBox isn't working right."

Batman-"Well I'll fix it then, I can fix anything… And I can make it better too!"
Customer-"Ummmmmmm OK"
Batman-"Do you wanna' know why!?"          
Customer-"Ummmmmmm Why??" Batman-"Because I'm Batman!!!!" Customer-"……………OK."

Batman-"I'll have the line traced and I'll send you a brand new XBox in the morning. with Bat Decals!!"