Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cool consoles that helped affect Videogame history in small ways

"The Atari 2600"

The Atari 2600 was basically one of the most popular consoles Atari ever made. Although the staff who helped make the game didn't get any credit so allot of them split off and started other companies. What makes this cool? Nothing really, except for the many rumors and things behind it. And it played a big role in Gaming history. 

"The Virtual Boy"
It may just give you a blaring headache after a while of looking at nothing but the color Red, but this console was Nintendo's first step towards Glasses-less 3D gaming AKA: the 3DS.

"The original XBox"
Although it's not one of the greatest consoles ever made, this console kept Nintendo fighting to keep their position in first place back in the early 2,000's. It fought with better graphics and better quality in gameplay. But compared to the GameCube it's not even slightly durable.

"The Nintendo 64" The Nintendo 64 home console made history as it brought 3D graphics into the Gaming industry, not just flat 16bit graphics with shadows. It brought in the first 3D Mario game, it Brought in 4player multi-player and much more.