Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It makes more of a FLOP sound then a Boom!!
This looks to be another epic Sonic fail!!! And The SCARF!!?? I just don't get it!!! It's kinda' ridiculous how people think they have to give everything a FRESH look! I mean SRSLY!? Sonic has looked better on Genesis games! Don't get me wrong though, I saw the TV trailer and it looked pretty sweet in Graphics, Eggman too. But..... They basically messed this up. Knuckles is like... Mutated!! Sonic has a scarf, Tails is dressed like a mechanic and their all wearing bandages!!!! Hmmmmmmmm. IDK but I don't like it. BTW Sonic's feet used to be huge compared to his feet now!! Hmmmmmm....
All for now, AR-Cade