Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Batman Arkham Knight? Need it on WiiU!!

 Batman Arkham Knight.

It's said that the final game in the Arkham game franchise/series will not make it's way onto the WiiU console, because the console is not Next Gen, It couldn't possibly handle the Batmobile and the extremeness of the ride... Really!? This console has Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham origins, But they couldn't put the original Asylum game on it. Nor could they possible find in in it the capabilities of driving a virtual car!? Batman Arkham Knight looks like an awesomely fun game, but It doesn't look likely that it will come out on the WiiU anytime soon. :( 
"Looks like even with the awesome graphics rocksteady is just flat out lazy!"
Sooooooooo NOT Fantabulous 
B.Arkham Origins