Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Art Academy-New game

The brand new game Art Academy game
(Art Academy Sketch Pad) is out now for WiiU for only 3.99 on the WiiU E-Shop. I already own the game Art Academy first semester on my 3DS and I think it's Awesomtacular!!! This game looks pretty Schweet too. I hope one day to own it myself. maybe soon, It's a pretty cheap game for a WiiU e-shop game I gotta' say. Mainly because the other games I've looked into buying on the WiiU e-shop are pretty expensive. This Game is a good source of learning and fun in one and it's only 3.99 on the E-Shop (Pretty cheap). I do believe that makes this game a WiiU must buy. Art Academy has had previous titles on portable systems but I do believe this one is just plain ground breaking, because it's the first one (That I know of) to make it to a Home console. Art Academy Lessons for everyone for 3DS also looks like a good game, but I have yet to buy/get it. So I can't give U my best opinion of the game quite yet. But if it's anything similar to how good the Sketch pad game looks. Then I think U should get that one too. But it's really your decision whether or not U buy them. Still...
Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade