Friday, April 11, 2014

Another WiiU!? Why? (Rumor)

Rumors are going around everywhere about Nintendo making another WiiU or rather a sequel to the original, where you can actually take the game off the console, like a portable Wii. This is What I and probably a ton of other Gamers thought the original WiiU  was going to be, but even with the disappointment, Nintendo gave us a giant DS system for our living room with XBox graphics and the ability to play new and old Wii games as well as some new WiiU games. I just find it kinda' pointless to make another WiiU, if I were to take a guess I'd have to say they have bigger plans than just duplicating their coolest console yet. My hopes are that the next console they make will be more retro than anything. "HOPE" Not a definite but I hope so.
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