Friday, April 11, 2014

All My fav GB's (Game Boy's)

 My all time FAV GB system is the GBA SP, ti was the first to have light behind it and it can play every GB game ever made, so U can see why I like it so much, But My first handheld console was the GBC (Game Boy Color),
I played that thing allot!! And I mean ALLOT!
Then I got the GBA which can also play every GB game ever made, except U gotta' hold it under a lamp to see the screen!! That's another good reason to like the SP version more. But I still play allot of my GBA games, I didn't even get the GBA SP until this year!! So I'll be playing it like crazy!! Not to mention, try and hook it up to my Game Cube when I get it. Oh yeah, the SP and original GBA can hook up to the Game Cube too. Their a ton of fun and there's a ton of games for them so I recommend U at least buy a GBA SP and see all the games U missed out on because U weren't born yet.
                                      Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade

Can U spot the mistake? LOL