Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Guy's a bit RUSTY

Yet another game where U have to pay real cash to play virtual games.
The Game app itself is free as of now, but all extra add on content U must purchase with real cash!!! Yes... Real money... Like gamers have any with all the money it costs to buy allot of the E-shop games. Or even the costs of the real life games. The mini games U can purchase don't look that bad, in fact they look rather fun, except they all cost real life cash!!! And even though their all Baseball related (As far as I can tell) U never play an actual virtual game of Baseball!! Always trying to make virtual deals with a dog and then going on playing mini games that U bought with real money and time, that are MINI GAME$  that only take a Mini amount of time to play each. It's not like the game's called Rusty's Real Deal MINI Baseball!! It's called Baseball!!! Just Baseball! So shouldn't U be able to play Baseball! This game looks like fun...
But it's no Mario Super Sluggers!! And I still need to get that game! This game's OUT NOW on the Nintendo 3DS E-Shop.
Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade