Saturday, April 19, 2014

SSB-Super Smash Bros.!!

 Super Smash Bros. 

With all this time it's taking for Nintendo and Co. to put out these two new SSB games for 3DS and WiiU, I sue hope their cramming a ton into em' Mostly Mario stuff of course. =D...
Although looking back at the previous tittle SSB Brawl, I tend to see some minor lower graphic quality. Yet I believe their still semi good due to the HD graphics.
In both N64 SSB and and in SSB Brawl however  Mario's attack is simple the wimpiest attack in the game.
They make him soooo much less powerful than he actually is too, I'm not just saying that as a Mario fan either. As a Gamer... I'm 100% serious! Mario's attack is the worst in the whole game, in my opinion I mean. I know from research and gameplay that Mario's power was decreased for Smash games. Although I don't know about Mario's attack power in melee quite just yet. I do know that Mario is more powerful than he's made out to be. And I also believe that he needs an update in his semi powerful and amazing smash move of FIRE!! It would be horrible if his new smash move wasn't the least bit more powerful.
Still, IDK what they have planned @ Nintendo.  The worst part of Mario's Simplification in his abilities for SSB is that I always play as Mario because I'm a dedicated Super Mario fan! And it would be just WRONG of me to play any other character if I had the choice. Iv'e been doing allot of TALK on SSB games I know. But with the recent Nintendo Direct Vid, I haven't been able to get the new games out of my head!! And why in the world are the game releases soooo far apart from each other. One this Summer and one This WINTER!!!? We just got out of Winter! And Now I have to wait til' Winter for the 2nd SSB game to be released this year!? Ridiculous... My guess is they don't have a ton of games lined up for release this Christmas so they decided early on to push the release date of the 2nd SSB game for this year all the way down there to get more sales this Christmas or something... Hmmmmmmm. I really have no idea...

Mario's Smash move from SSB Brawl
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