Monday, April 28, 2014

NES Remix 2

The first game looks pretty fun too, but NES Remix 2 appears to be the better version, although I haven't played either one just yet, I hope to make the sequel apart of my collection sometime this year.

NES remix is a game that takes pieces of other games from the NES and plays with them, allowing you the challenge of playing your old favorites only this time remixed to be more complex and more challenging. I have a hard enough time with retro games as it is already and now they go and make them harder and more complex. the only thing I don't necessarily care for in this game is the fact that they only let you play peices of the games and don't give you hole or even half of the games. hmmmm. Just making sure we still buy the original virtual console games I guess. Anyhoo the game "NES Remix 2" Is out now on the WiiU E-shop. Enjoy!!
"NES Remix 2 takes more classic games and gives them even crazier twists than the original. Achieve gaming greatness as you barrel through stage after stage of ever-changing, fast-paced challenges."-Nintendo

Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade