Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Collection update for 4/29/2014-on 4/30/2014 =D

Small collection update before I get my Game Cube:

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Free Games!!

As if MK:8 could get any better right? Wait... It just did, the recent Nintendo direct states at the end that if you register your brand new Mario Kart 8 game on club Nintendo (I will be doing this) then you get 1 out of 4 games FREE. On the list is Wii Party U, Pikmin 3, Windwaker and NSMB-U!!! All pretty schweet games to choose from, I'll most likely get Pikmin. Hey it's Free!! For the first time in a long time you get one game free after buying one!! Awesomtacular!! I can't wait for this!! Srsly.
Mario Kart 8 comes out the 30th of next month!! 
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My DS Lite -Sad and funny story

The sad tale of a DS Lite

OK so one time I was told I should give my old DS Lite to my five year old sister for Christmas... BAD IDEA! I was forced to put Barbie stickers all over it's wonderful black color! Augh... I did get a DSi out of the deal, but I wish I didn't have to give up the only DS I had that played my GBA games. Anyhoo, I gave her my newly girl-ized DS Lite to my baby sister for Christmas. It was horrible!! She just saw it and put it aside to open her next gift!!! And Then 3 months after Christmas I found a small plastic school box filled with something. I opened it to find a melted blue Popsicle and a black DS Lite. My heart was heavy and sad, my DS Lite had gone through soooo much in the little time it was still alive. Now it was sopping with sticky liquid and would not turn back on completely. It would never work again... And Now I find it very hard to trust either of my two sisters with any form of Tech, especially my Nintendo consoles & handhelds. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sad, really. I miss it. 

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This vid is Schweet!!

I sooo badly want one of these for my room, I particularly like both the very first one and the last one, the one shown in the middle of the two looks kinda' like it will eventually fall apart.

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This years E3

Nintendo's newest video speaks on this years E3:

Captain America-The Winter Soilder

I know this post is a bit late but here it is anyhoo...
The new movie Captain America the Winter solider was an awesome film and it's totally worth purchasing when it comes out to DVD. But I guess even though the first movie had a game for Nintendo, this Film only has a touch game for smart devices. Hmmmm...
The first film had a game for DS and it was kinda' lame in a way. Mainly because the graphics were really low quality and it didn't flow with the film at all.

Although at least with the first film came a first game, this film doesn't have a REAL game. Still, it was just an awesomtacular film!!!!

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My personal levels of AWESOME!

The words I use in almost every post I make ranging from 
1-6, 6 being the highest level of Awesome there is.

  1. Cool
  2. Schweet
  3. Awesome
  4. Fantabulous
  5. Rocktacular
  6. Awesometacular!!

If you just read this whole little things then congrats; your rocktacular for wasting some of your valuable time to read this tiny little dorky article I wrote. =D

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Monday, April 28, 2014

NES Remix 2

The first game looks pretty fun too, but NES Remix 2 appears to be the better version, although I haven't played either one just yet, I hope to make the sequel apart of my collection sometime this year.

NES remix is a game that takes pieces of other games from the NES and plays with them, allowing you the challenge of playing your old favorites only this time remixed to be more complex and more challenging. I have a hard enough time with retro games as it is already and now they go and make them harder and more complex. the only thing I don't necessarily care for in this game is the fact that they only let you play peices of the games and don't give you hole or even half of the games. hmmmm. Just making sure we still buy the original virtual console games I guess. Anyhoo the game "NES Remix 2" Is out now on the WiiU E-shop. Enjoy!!
"NES Remix 2 takes more classic games and gives them even crazier twists than the original. Achieve gaming greatness as you barrel through stage after stage of ever-changing, fast-paced challenges."-Nintendo

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My latest project

My latest project is on the origins of Super Mario.

It can be found on my Wiki HERE .

I believe personally that my view on Super Mario is the Most accurate you'll be able to find. The few inconsistencies that my Story and series have is the added characters and most people call the living Bombs in Mario <Bob-ombs> In my series, that's their nickname, while their species name is: <Bomb-ombs>... Toad <The main toad> Is just called Toad in many of the game's, but his whole species is called: <Toad's> So I decided to make his name: <Toad The 1st> To avoid confusion. Also I added a couple characters that could easily be considered to be in any of the games Mario has ever had including, Barth (The Red Bomb-omb leader), Sir Toadly Von Toad, Kid Toad (The son of Toad the 1st and Toadette). And last but not least: Head Goomba. (Goomba's don't normally have specific names)…

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gaming is cheaper now!

3DS Games go way down!!

All games shown below on this post have dropped in price, YES I said Dropped in Price. Nintendo is now being very generous with their products, being that they were all around 40-50 dollars a piece before and now their all only 29.99 a piece!! Schweet!! I can't believe that Nintendo has done this.

 But they have!! NSMB2, MK:7, DK Country Returns 3D, SM3DLand and last but not least: 
Animal crossing New Leaf!!
The 3DS is an amazing console and now it's games are becoming more affordable too!! It's defiantly worth buying!! Now is the time to buy Gamers!!

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You may say that Pac-man is a Namco/Bandi character and really has no place in my collection; You'd be right. Except you may forget that Pac-man games come out frequently on Nintendo consoles including the new Pac-man game:
<Pac-Man and the ghostly adventures> So just as Angry birds entered the Nintendo family so has Pac-Man.
Pac-Man is a Nintendo product and although I collect mostly Mario products I on occasion purchase other forms of Gaming products... Like Pac-Man. The new game is now out in stores on both WiiU and the 3DS.
The sound Pac-Man Plush (RETRO) on the left is my FAV. Also you may notice that the Retro Pac-Man has Pac-Man eyes that face away from each other while the Modern Pac-Man on bottom has Pac-Man eye's that face the same direction.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Main Mario shelve's and AR-Cade Revealed

Description: AR-Cade (ME) takes U on a short/mini tour of the Main Mario shelves.

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Mario Wiki

The  wiki page that has no interest in thinking outside the box, my profile:

Mario Mario

There's a bit of talk going around right now about Mario's last name!
And it's not: Mario Mario, BTW! Mario has been in almost every career possible... But one stands to prove once again that Mario's name is : Mario Mario, it's title is DR.Mario! Most Doctors have their last name after their title: Doctor. but the point is that DR.Mario is not Mario's Title, it's the title of the game.
This here should clear a few things up, My opinion:

AR-Cade: "Mario's Last name is not made known as of yet. But I believe it will be soon. Although I can personally guarantee that it's not: Mario. Calling Mario : Mario Mario, Would be horrible. And I don't believe Nintendo has a last name for him right now. But he's not: Mario Mario."

The phone rings loudly …
Mario-"Hello!! It's a' me!! Mario!! What can I a' do for you?"
Customer-"Yeah, This is Mario bros. Tech support? So how come your last name's your First name?? Mario, Mario?"
Mario-"My last name's not a' Mario!!!!!! Dat' was just a' nickname we a' got back in de' third grade, SHEESH!"

AR-Cade: "I also do not believe that the SMB super show is really apart of Super Mario in any way. It's too inacurate to be close to the games in any way. But that's only my personal opinion."

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Old Sonic cartoons and NEW too.

Old Sonic cartoons and NEW too.


Probably one of the dorkiest things ever on TV was Sonic. 

Sonic had pretty schweet games, but his cartoons only got worse and worse. It wasn't until Sonic X that it seemed that Sonic would have glimmer of hope in the TV industry. And of course that flopped too. Very Quickly too. I know how I've recently blabbed on and on about 80's Mario cartoons and how horrible they were and my Rant vid on the mega Mario mix cartoon, but in my defense they are all horrible cartoons in comparison to the modern games. In their defense, they made them when they knew less than enough to make cartoons about the games

If they made them now with all the stuff we know now...
then it would be perfect! But they'd have to make it accurate. I don't believe that's what they're doing with the Sonic Boom cartoon. Not only have the majority of the characters had a huge revamp in design and style, but the very cartoon itself is dorky! Why all the bandages and the smaller feet and giant Hulk-Knuckles!? Why!? Honestly all the old gaming cartoons messed up in my opinion. I think they need to try and revamp them. But not the way their starting to.

They need to make less inconsistencies with the games in comparison to the shows. Now if their making Sonic Boom a game and cartoon, their doing it right. Except now all the previous Sonic games meant nothing because all of those games had the original character designs in em', Not to mention: the Mario & sonic games had the original Character designs in em' too! It seems to me that their just burying themselves in a pile of failure. 

Although I'm sure just as I'm interested to see what the new show and game are like, many other gamers share that same feeling... As long as they never make another Sonic underground cartoon I may not have a heart attack. =D

Let's be honest here... All the original Sonic toons stunk like the Mario one's and they need to think a little bit more before making some new one's... I've already come up with a short series called: "Super Mario! Adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom!" And I'd be happy if it was turned into something too. But Who's to say that's ever gonna' happen? =)

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nintendo DS versions comparison article

  • The Nintendo DS Lite has a light up screen in comparison to the original DS. It also has the ability to play GBA games and regular DS game's.
  • The DSI is the first DS ever made that's able to take pictures with two embedded cameras one outside and one inside. It was also the first DS to Support DLC (Downloadable Content) As in : Games U can purchase over the net.
  • The 3DS Can do everything the first two consoles on this list can do and it's also the first handheld console to have 3D inside it too!
  • The 3DS XL is just basically a 3DS with slight improvements from the original console. But good ones.
  • The 2DS is completely Pointless!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

SSB-Super Smash Bros.!!

 Super Smash Bros. 

With all this time it's taking for Nintendo and Co. to put out these two new SSB games for 3DS and WiiU, I sue hope their cramming a ton into em' Mostly Mario stuff of course. =D...
Although looking back at the previous tittle SSB Brawl, I tend to see some minor lower graphic quality. Yet I believe their still semi good due to the HD graphics.
In both N64 SSB and and in SSB Brawl however  Mario's attack is simple the wimpiest attack in the game.
They make him soooo much less powerful than he actually is too, I'm not just saying that as a Mario fan either. As a Gamer... I'm 100% serious! Mario's attack is the worst in the whole game, in my opinion I mean. I know from research and gameplay that Mario's power was decreased for Smash games. Although I don't know about Mario's attack power in melee quite just yet. I do know that Mario is more powerful than he's made out to be. And I also believe that he needs an update in his semi powerful and amazing smash move of FIRE!! It would be horrible if his new smash move wasn't the least bit more powerful.
Still, IDK what they have planned @ Nintendo.  The worst part of Mario's Simplification in his abilities for SSB is that I always play as Mario because I'm a dedicated Super Mario fan! And it would be just WRONG of me to play any other character if I had the choice. Iv'e been doing allot of TALK on SSB games I know. But with the recent Nintendo Direct Vid, I haven't been able to get the new games out of my head!! And why in the world are the game releases soooo far apart from each other. One this Summer and one This WINTER!!!? We just got out of Winter! And Now I have to wait til' Winter for the 2nd SSB game to be released this year!? Ridiculous... My guess is they don't have a ton of games lined up for release this Christmas so they decided early on to push the release date of the 2nd SSB game for this year all the way down there to get more sales this Christmas or something... Hmmmmmmm. I really have no idea...

Mario's Smash move from SSB Brawl
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My Console collection as of now.

  1. SNES (Soon to have NES cartridge adapter)
  2. The WiiU with Wii inside
  3. The Game Cube
  4. DSI
  5. DSI XL
  6. 3DS
  7. 3DS XL
  8. GBA SP
  9. N64
  10. GB Color
  11. GBA
That's about it for my console/handheld collection as of right now.
Although I also hope to eventually own an original NES with accessories some day (Besides an adapter for NES to SNES games). And I will never own a 2DS or Wii Mini. EVER. =D

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Friday, April 18, 2014

If you like Mario...

If you like Mario at all!!! (Who doesn't!?) BTW: Don't answer that. Then Plz join the Mario forums and share what U like about him!! And MORE. Just click this link here: AR-Cade say's Game ON Mario fans!
And sign on up!!! It's free, it's cool, It's Mario!!!
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update/collection update 4/18/14

1 Kart racer away to complete my pullback Mario kart 7
 collection today thanks to giving aunt and a visit to Target.

Pac-Man Plush that makes sound

I moved this from my TV entertainment station
 to get ready for my new Game Cube (GC)

As I said before, I've made preparations for my new
GC console. I will be putting it on top of my VCR

I turned the Wii remote holder sideways and added the nunchuck
 to the Mario DS Holder. I'm planning on owning five nunchuck's,
hoping to hold 4 of them with this DS Holder/ Mario statue.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mii's and SSB!

My Mii
IKR? I just blabbed on about Angry Birds and how I want them in the new SSB game... And Now I'm gonna' go on about how I want them to add the ability to play Ur Mii or a default Mii in SSB!
YES, I think it would be pretty cool to play a Mii or Ur Mii or maybe all Ur Mii's in SSB. Maybe every time U get KO'd then U'll change into a different Mii er sumthing like that. I believe it would be pretty neat to play as a form of Mii in SSB, I do... The moves would be basic Mii poses they do when in Ur Mii Maker library shelve's, and heir smash move would be to walk around with a pic of a Mii face er sumthin and stick on Ur characters face that decreases ur strength and makes U vulnerable to super attacks! I think it would be Awesomtacular if the SSB game creators could possibly work in the Mii Characters and or the Angry Birds! They may be a bit off from normal SSB roster characters but I believe they'll be a pretty Schweet addition to the games. Hope Nintendo puts em' in...
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N64 Memory options- & my opinion

I recently got asked a few questions about the N64 and it's memory. So I did some digging and some thinking and some remembering too, the N64 had a few different memory options to choose from. First one was only using basic system memory with the Jumper Pak, This was used in some way to stabilize the memory. Which was only 4GB of RAM to start. The 2nd option was to advance the memory with a Memory expansion Pak. This multiplies your consoles memory by 2!! Giving U a total of 8GB to use. U need the Memory expansion Pak also to play certain games that require more RAM power to play, like DK 64 or The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. Those are the only two I know of that defiantly require the expansion PAK to play them. And finally the last option was to use a memory card that U can plug into the bottom of the controllers just like a rumble Pak to save certain game files (I don't know of). 

Opinion of N64: The Games the N64 can play may seem a bit too retro now, but back in the DAY when this came out, the 3D style gameplay was revolutionary!! SRSLY it was. Super Mario 64 alone was incredible! I especially loved and still love to just fly all over the first world with the Wing cap Mario could find in some stages. But most of this is just simply my opinion. I believe this is a console any and every Nintendo fan should own. It's an important piece of Gaming History. And I'm glad to have it myself. Any questions U may have... Just ask.

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Art Academy-New game

The brand new game Art Academy game
(Art Academy Sketch Pad) is out now for WiiU for only 3.99 on the WiiU E-Shop. I already own the game Art Academy first semester on my 3DS and I think it's Awesomtacular!!! This game looks pretty Schweet too. I hope one day to own it myself. maybe soon, It's a pretty cheap game for a WiiU e-shop game I gotta' say. Mainly because the other games I've looked into buying on the WiiU e-shop are pretty expensive. This Game is a good source of learning and fun in one and it's only 3.99 on the E-Shop (Pretty cheap). I do believe that makes this game a WiiU must buy. Art Academy has had previous titles on portable systems but I do believe this one is just plain ground breaking, because it's the first one (That I know of) to make it to a Home console. Art Academy Lessons for everyone for 3DS also looks like a good game, but I have yet to buy/get it. So I can't give U my best opinion of the game quite yet. But if it's anything similar to how good the Sketch pad game looks. Then I think U should get that one too. But it's really your decision whether or not U buy them. Still...
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This Guy's a bit RUSTY

Yet another game where U have to pay real cash to play virtual games.
The Game app itself is free as of now, but all extra add on content U must purchase with real cash!!! Yes... Real money... Like gamers have any with all the money it costs to buy allot of the E-shop games. Or even the costs of the real life games. The mini games U can purchase don't look that bad, in fact they look rather fun, except they all cost real life cash!!! And even though their all Baseball related (As far as I can tell) U never play an actual virtual game of Baseball!! Always trying to make virtual deals with a dog and then going on playing mini games that U bought with real money and time, that are MINI GAME$  that only take a Mini amount of time to play each. It's not like the game's called Rusty's Real Deal MINI Baseball!! It's called Baseball!!! Just Baseball! So shouldn't U be able to play Baseball! This game looks like fun...
But it's no Mario Super Sluggers!! And I still need to get that game! This game's OUT NOW on the Nintendo 3DS E-Shop.
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Sonic & A. Racing Transformed Vid

VID Description: Much like what I've talked on before in this game, except I once again go into greater detail and show off what the game looks like in WiiU gameplay,
(If U didn't already know what it looks like that is..).
More Talk on Sonic racing Transformed: HERE
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Funny Shirt Thursday!!

Hey everyone! This Thursday is officially Funny Shirt Thursday!!! OOOOK. so it isn't an official holiday ... But I'm wearing a funny shirt or just plain cool shirt all day!! U gonna' join me?? I think it should be an official holiday!!! It should too. LOL!!!
P.S. I now officially have 64 blog posts on my blog, keep the views coming and I'll keep the posts flowin'!! =D Game On Gamers! All for now, AR-Cade

-Angry Birds and SSB?- Naaaaah, maybe.. IDK!

The Angry Birds have made their way onto nearly every device now. But it was AWESOME when I first heard that they were making their way onto video game home consoles and handhelds for the very first time, it was even more Awesome-er when I found out they'd be on Nintendo consoles like Wii, WiiU and 3DS and finally it was even more awesomtacular when I found the Angry Birds Trilogy game for WiiU in one of my present boxes last Christmas! Their practically apart of the Nintendo family now!! So why haven't they been in SSB yet!? I believe they should be. Sonic's in there and he still makes games for other consoles besides Nintendo, yet he's apart of the Nintendo family too. So 
why shouldn't Angry birds be in SSB?! Super Smash Bros would be awesome with angry birds!!! Somebody must make this known to the games creators er sumthin'!! Cause I want them in the game, fans of Nintendo and Rovio everywhere would jump for joy, IKR? I would too!! There's soooo many different smash moves they could perform and so many different attacks they could have too! Remember, Angry Birds are a whole other species of birds in another dimension, without wings, so the controls may be complicated or, they could be SUPER SIMPLE. IDK, but I'd pay for an SSB game with Angry Birds and Mario characters in it!
I SRSLY hope that the rumors of them making it into SSB are true, but that's probably not the case at all.

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How To make a Mario Mii Character with Mii Maker

Description: How you go about making a Mii that looks a bit Like Mario...

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3DS & 3DS XL comparison review

Description: This vid explains the very few deference's between the original 3DS and the 3DS XL.
One  thing I forgot to mention is that the 3DS XL's screen is so big that it makes gameplay big too.
When I played Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games, I felt like I could pick Mario and Sonic off the screen like mini figures.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sonic & All-stars racing Transformed! -WiiU-

Not to be mean to Sonic fans everywhere or anything like that but I didn't really like this game all that much. The transformations in the vehicles were very slow, the graphics were okay, the power-ups were basically ineffective and the racing it'self was simple. All in all, it wasn't a bad game and I'm glad it's on the WiiU too. But the game it'self kept crashing on my console!! Although it's a decent racing game, it's nothing compared to how awesomtacular Mario Kart 8 looks to be!

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Old Mario themed non-real Mario cartoons from the 80's

As I've stated before in a previous post HERE, the old Mario cartoons from the 80's are simply ridiculous!! I'm so glad they got Charles Martinet to do the voice of Mario in all the modern games over the voices of these shows!! If they hadn't, I may not be the big Mario fan I am today. All the koopalings names were changed for the SMB 3 show, the theme for the Super Mario Bros super show was lame, they messed up Bowser and always only called him King Koopa. His full name is: Bowser, King of the Koopa's!!
Unbelievable how dorky and idiotic this was. If this came on TV today, millions of Super Mario fan's mouths would hang open then they'd either flip the channel or throw their TV's out the window. LOL...
Yoshi sounds like a Baby in the SM World cartoon... And LUIGI was the one to find him in the show, Luigi wasn't even the one to discover Dinosaur Island in the Super Mario series.  Mario was the first person to discover Yoshi and his strange species of dinosaur, Not Luigi... Sorry to anyone who favors Luigi either because they believe that he doesn't ever get enough credit (Not true BTW) or that he deserves more than one year of recognition. Mario only got one month and he's been doing this for longer than just one year.

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My theme full version

Yes I've made a longer theme,
Just to listen to though, it's pretty catchy...

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GBA SP and some of my FAV games.

Description: This vid is all about the GBA SP. And my favorite Game Boy Advanced game. Only me talking, not much of a vid but hey... That's what it is.

Go ahead and share it up.

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Old 80's Mario cartoons Rant and Review

Description: This vid is all on Mario Mega mix, the DVD featuring 3 Mario cartoons from the 80's in all their ridiculousness too.
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